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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making our Browsers trust the server's root CA certificate while configuring SSL

Importing / Configuring / Settings to add ssl server certificate in your Firefox browser is shown as below:
If you are looking for settings/configure / import certificate for IE or Chrome browser, Please Visit this post.

Go to Firefox's Tools menu --> Options :

Click  Advanced Tab --> View Certificates:

Go to Authorities tab --> import :

Import the CA root certificate (in my case the file name is "tomcat6CAS-rootCAcert.crt", which should be downloaded previously to your local system from server), browse to that file and import it :

While importing you get the "Downloading Certificate" window, select the first checkmark as shown below:

Test HTTPS connection again by typing : 
https://localhost:8443   or  https://< your computers IP address running tomcat >:8443

You should see the Apache tomcat's default page running with HTTPs (SSL).

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